Instagram Mods explained.

Instagram Mods explained.
Instagram Mods explained.

What is an Instagram mod?

An Instagram Mod is a modified application that grants its user access to features not available in the original application.

You can, for example, view private profile content without following them or upload high-quality content without compressions, among other things.

What are the risks of using a mod?

But, at a cost of user data such as the content of your posts, messages, and comments, as well as contact lists and credentials such as logins and passwords and also images and photos you used the application to capture (Yes, that cat filter picture of yours that you didn’t even post).

I personally believe that those who use mods are unconcerned about the above data, so this post is intended for those who have not used such an app and may become victims of it. As a result, even if only one of your followers uses any mods, your private profile content will be accessible to everyone who uses the same mod and more. So, don’t be surprised if someone sends your private story without seeing/following you.

What to do?

Sadly, Unlink WhatsApp Instagram is not restricting or banning users from using such mods. And all you can rely on for now is your instincts to know such users.

Best practice: Treat everything you post as public content. A private account on Instagram is a myth. That’s it for this post. Catch you guys on the next

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  • October 23, 2022