What’s up with WhatsApp Android – October 2022 edition

What's up with WhatsApp Android - October 2022 edition

Having trouble with keeping up what’s new on WhatsApp Android no worries, we got you covered.

Communities on WhatsApp

WhatsApp started to test all new community feature; Which is basically a group of groups.

Communities are places where you can merge multiple groups into a single community. The community admin can post joint announcements into the announcement group. Yet people can request to join groups within the community but cannot see the participants of other groups, which is a good privacy feature.

WhatsApp says it is now widely available to everyone around the globe.

New community-based group features.

WhatsApp also announced new community-based features like polls, 32-person group calls, a new 1024-group limit and more.

As shown above, the newest features are focused on groups and communities and will be rolled out to everyone soon.

Avatars on WhatsApp

Similar to every other Meta application WhatsApp also got a new Avatars feature.

What's up with WhatsApp Android - October 2022 edition

Where you can create your own custom Avatar, you can set it as a profile picture, and use it as a sticker as well. Along with this WhatsApp also moved the privacy settings to the main settings as well.

Currently, this is being tested within selected testers and hopefully, it will be launched to everyone soon.

Forward media and document captions

WhatsApp Android is getting the ability to forward media files with captions and also getting the ability to add captions for documents as well.

This means, now you don’t have to share media files to forward them with captions and you don’t have to reply to documents for captions as well.

Currently, this is being tested within selective testers and hopefully will be released to everyone else.

Status reactions and status reply badge on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp rolled out the status reactions for everyone where users got the ability to react with 8 emojis to status updates.

It works similarly to a status reply and along with this WhatsApp also launched a new status badge as shown below.

So, now whenever someone replied to your status you will see a new badge in the chat list. Both of these features are rolled out to everyone along with new status link preview cards.

Links in WhatsApp status captions

WhatsApp got the ability to add links in status captions.

This means, now we can add links to status captions and viewers can follow those links as well. This feature seems to be widely available for all WhatsApp Android users.

Screenshot blocking and removing desktop support for view once media.

As already mention WhatsApp now started to block the ability to take screenshots for view-once media.

To add more privacy to view-once media files WhatsApp is now started to block screenshots and even if someone tries to use a third-party application WhatsApp will only display a black screen instead of the original file. In addition, WhatsApp now also purposefully restricted the ability to open view-once media on a desktop due to privacy concerns.

Even according to WhatsApp the recipient can still take a photo or video of the media with a camera or other device before it disappears.

That’s all for this month on WhatsApp. If you wish to receive these updates as soon as they are released check out our Twitter @SaadhJawwadh. You can also follow us on Google News. Also if you wish to know What’s new with WhatsApp desktop check out this article. Catch you later 👋🏼…

  • November 7, 2022